Altered Carbon

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Release Date

February 2, 2018


In a dystopian world, many years into the future, people have the ability to save their "soul" to a disc that is inserted into their spine. Bodies may fail but people can live on forever, if they are wealthy enough to afford it. Takeshi Kovacs, an experienced fighter and criminal, is hired by a man to solve a crime. His own murder. 

Course Language 

High - Lots of explicit language. 

Sexual Content

High - The sexual content is very high. Nudity and sex scenes are frequently paraded on the screen. 


High - The main character Takeshi Kovacs is a skilled fighter and a ruthless killer. 

Drugs + Alcohol 

High - The main character looks to find an escape from the world by consuming copious amounts of drugs. 

Personal Thoughts

The premise of Altered Carbon is great. A sci-fi murder mystery, in a dystopian world, with the ability to travel into past and present events. That is a pretty cool. Unfortunately I did not make it far in the series as the high amount of course language, sexual content and violence is not so cool. 

Age Recommendation 




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