Designated Survivor

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Release Date

September 21, 2016


Designated Survivor follows the story of a man who becomes the president of the United States Of America, due to the fact that he was the designated survivor after a terrorist attack killed the other political leaders. The story follows Tom Kirkman as he looks to unite a nation, hunt down those responsible for the attack, while adjusting to his new life as the president. 

Course Language 

Low - Mild course language scattered throughout.

Sexual Content

Low - Currently the series has had a low amount of sexual content. This is something that could possibly change in future episodes. 


Moderate - There is a moderate amount of violence, including explosions, raids, assassinations, shootings etc. 

Drugs + Alcohol 

Low - Characters occasionally drink alcohol. A teen character is caught selling drugs. 

Personal Thoughts

I love this TV series. I am currently part way through season two. The storyline is excellent. The acting is great. I like how each episode adds to the big picture narrative while still leaving us wanting more. In the first season there were a number of film techniques used to highlight contrasting ideas. I found these moments rather impressive. 

Age Recommendation 




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