Fortnite – Battle Royale

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Release Date

July 25, 2017

Game Description 

Fortnite is a survival game that has become very popular in the last few months. You begin the game on a flying bus before sky diving down to a remote island. One hundred other people join you on this island. When you reach the ground everyone scrambles to find something to defend themselves with. The main aim is survival. Who will be the last one standing?

Course Language 

None - No course language in game. It should be advised that people can chat during the game (when playing squad matches online) and you cannot control what your teammates may say. It is possible to turn voice chat off in the game settings. 

Sexual Content



Moderate - This is a shooting game. The aim of the game is to kill people and be the final survivor. However, the violence is light-hearted in nature. There is no blood or gore. It doesn't try to be realistic and instead focusses on creative gameplay, inviting people into a world worth exploring.

Drugs + Alcohol 


Personal Thoughts

This game is fun. The developers are still working out some of the kinks but are consistently coming out with updates that make this game really enjoyable to play. The game is free, but you can purchase cosmetic items (that have no impact on gameplay), such as character skins and emotes. 

Age Recommendation 




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