Maze Runner – Death Cure

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Release Date

January 17, 2018


Maze Runner - Death Cure is the third and final movie in a three part trilogy. The story follows Thomas, a young man who is immune to a horrible disease that is turning people into zombie-like creatures. An organisation known as WCKD forcibly conduct tests on immune people in the hope of finding a cure. Thomas longs for a cure also, but not at the expense of his friends. His goal is to stand up to WCKD, save his friends and maybe even find a cure. 

Course Language 

Moderate - There is a moderate amount of course language scattered throughout the film, usually during action sequences. 

Sexual Content

Low - No sexual content in this film aside from kissing. 


High - This is an action film filled with violence. The characters are constantly engaged in battles, with people and zombie-like creatures. 

Drugs + Alcohol 

Low - The movie is based around finding a cure in the form of a medicinal drug. Characters are drugged and tested to the point of hallucinations. Some of the characters are seen drinking alcohol. 

Personal Thoughts

I enjoyed this film. The opening sequence of the film was excellent and drew me right in. I was eager to see how it would all pan out. The acting is good and the storyline is engaging. The end of the film dragged out a little for me. If you enjoyed the previous Maze Runner films, you will probably like this one too.

Age Recommendation 




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