Nine To Five

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Release Date

December 19, 1980


The story follows three women who work for a hopeless boss. He doesn't treat women well and acts inappropriately toward them. After a horrible day at work the three women discuss how they would murder their boss. The next day something unexpected happens. Did someone poison the boss?

Course Language 

Moderate - There is a moderate amount of course language, along with various crude references. 

Sexual Content

Moderate - The storyline revolves around three women who are sexually harassed in the work place. Sexual references are common throughout the film. No nudity or explicit sex scenes. 


Low - One of the women fires a gun at the boss when imagining how she would murder him. 

Drugs + Alcohol 

Moderate - The main characters drink and smoke pot. 

Personal Thoughts

The film was a quirky comedy that had a few funny moments. The acting was quite good but I didn't find myself captivated by the story. 

Age Recommendation 




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