West Side Story

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Release Date

October 18, 1961


The story follows two gangs known as the Jets and the Sharks. Both gangs wish to claim the streets of the Upper West Side, New York. Tension leads to war and tragedy. In the midst of hostility Tony and Maria fall in love. Is there any hope for two people on opposite sides of the fight?

Course Language 

Low - A low amount of course language. Some derogatory terms are also present in the film.  

Sexual Content

Low - No explicit content. There are a few implied moments. In one scene, the jets make strong physical advances toward a woman but are stopped.


Moderate - The film follows two gangs who engage in numerous fights and scuffles. This is often shown by a choreographed dance. 

Drugs + Alcohol 

Low - A few references. Some in song.  

Personal Thoughts

I love musicals. West Side Story has been on my list to watch for quite some time and it is definitely worth watching. The dancing was great. The music was good. I really enjoyed it. The film is thought provoking and insightful. 

Age Recommendation 




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